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The city of Imatra is closing its services because of the corona virus

Schools, kindergartens, libraries and the town hall are running normally.

The Imatra City Management Team and its experts first outlined the use of the city services over the weekend.

As most sports clubs have already announced that they will stop practicing for the time being, the city will close its sports facilities at least from 14-16 March, ie from Saturday to Monday.

The situation will be monitored, and the issue will return next Monday. In any case, special sports groups and children's swimming schools have been canceled for the time being. The

Ukonniemi Arena has been closed for the time being due to canceled shifts. For school groups, the arena, ice rink, sports center and indoor swimming pool are used during school sports classes.

Theater closed weekend, big events banned

Theater Imatra screenings will be canceled over the weekend. Again, further steps will be taken on 16.3.

All events of more than 500 persons are prohibited by decision of the Regional Administration Office (AVI). It is recommended to cancel smaller events.

─ The event to be held in the Cultural Center in Virta will be canceled in the coming months, so our strong recommendation to event organizers is to cancel, says vs. Mayor Kaisa Heino.

Teaching activities at Virta-opisto; the Music and Labor College in weekend and Monday, have been canceled. On Monday, the Virta-opisto will inform students directly about the follow-up.

Schools and kindergartens open

Schools and kindergartens are open normally.

If the child or other person in the family has returned from abroad or is symptomatic, the city requires the child or young person to study remotely or does not attend day care.

In these cases, you must first contact your teacher through Wilma, headmaster or kindergarten director. The teacher assigns assignments during absences. The principle is that in these cases the absence is two weeks.

Pupils from special groups, such as diabetics, asthmatics, may be absent from education even if exposure has not occurred. However, absence must be authorized. It may be granted by the teacher for three days or longer by the principal for special reasons.

─ No matter what a communicable disease is, you should not get sick at school or day care, says Arja Kujala, Head of Welfare Services.

The open activities of early childhood education in the Rajapatsa skindergarten will be suspended until further notice.

The city is monitoring the situation

The city will monitor the development of the corona situation and, if necessary, also report at the weekend. You should follow imatra.fi, the city's Facebook account and Twitter. Computers are in use in My Service Libraries.

The main responsibility for communicating with health care lies with Eksote.

The city will announce more on Monday after the city management group meeting.

Changes to the matriculation examination

The Graduate Examination Board, together with the Ministry of Education and Culture, has decided to bring forward the examinations for the third year of the spring 2020 exam, so that the examinations for the subject will be written already on Tuesday 17.3. and Thursday 19.3.

The aim of the procedure is to secure the organization of the degree, so that as many candidates as possible can complete the qualification.

The new schedule for the remaining exam days for the spring is:

• Mon 16.3: Second domestic language, long and medium curriculum

• Tue 17.3. (moved from March 24): religion, outlook, social studies, chemistry, geography, Health Education

• Wed 18.3: Mathematics, long and short syllabus

• to 19.3. (moved from March 26): Psychology, Philosophy, History, Physics, Biology

• Fri 20.3: foreign language, long curriculum (English, French, Spanish, German, Russian)

• Mon 23.3: Sami mother tongue exam The examinations are organized in all secondary schools at the same time.

For more information: https://www.ylioppilastutkinto.fi/ajankohtaista/tiedotteet/908-reaaliaineiden_koepaivia_aikaistetaan_viikolla_koronavirustilanteen_johdosta


The corona situation affects the services of the city of Imatra

The following services are closed due to the corona situation on 14-16 March:


• Indoor swimming pool (not including school sports)

• Sports house (does not apply to school sports)

• Gyms: Vuoksenniska, ice rink and sports center

• Ice hall (except for school sports)

• Ukonniemi Arena closed for the time being (except for sports activities)

• Groups at risk, ie the elderly and those with special needs and peer groups (withdrawn so far)

Cultural services:

• Imatra Theater

• Events of the Cultural Center Virta

• Teaching activities at the Virta College (Music College and Labor College)

The city of Imatra will announce more on its website at imatra.fi on Monday.

Where to get help?

• The South Karelia Social and Health District (Eksote) is responsible for the provision of corona information from a healthcare perspective. You can follow the announcement at: on the website of Eksote

• If you suspect you have a corona, call p. 116117.

• Nationally, corona counseling is available from the hotline: tel. 0295 535535.

• The city has its own corona help pages. The pages can be found at: imatra.fi/korona (mainly in Finnish) 

• The City Management Team monitors the situation at all times and informs the policy immediately