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Russian Railways wants to start passenger traffic to Imatra

The matter is being investigated.

Russian Railways has expressed its interest in starting passenger traffic to Imatra.

Managers of the passenger traffic department of the Russian company RZD visited Imatra in 6tj June. They came to meet with Imatra’s mayor Kai Roslakka, vice mayor Kaisa Heino and director of external relations Tea Laitimo.

Imatra welcomes the initiative from the Russian transport operator.

– If this were to be realised, it would be very significant for Imatra and the tourism business. We welcome this idea and strive to do our part to investigate this possibility with various authorities, Roslakka says.


For more information:

Mayor Kai Roslakka, tel. +358 20 617 2226,

Vice Mayor Kaisa Heino,,  tel. +358 20 6172206

Director of external relations Tea Laitimo, tel. +358 20 617 2212,