Imatran paikallisliikenteen linja-auto
Imatran paikallisliikenteen linja-auto

Imatranajo 2019 transportation and traffic arrangements

During Imatranajo from 14 to 16 June 2019, the local traffic includes non-stop buses and extra departures as well as special routes for both buses and other traffic.


Non-stop transportation runs from Imatra Spa Resort, Holiday Club Saimaa and the parking area of the former Prisma to the edge of the competition area from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening.

The tickets cost two euros for adults and the ride is free of charge for people under 18.

Special routes

The special routes will be used during the competition days when the circuit is used for the race:

Friday 14 June at 15.00–20.30.

Saturday 15 June at 9.00–20.30.

Sunday 16 June at 9.00–18.30.

When the circuit area is closed, bus lines 1, 2 and 3 use a special route. Please note that the stops outside the special route will not be in use. Line 5 will end its route at the centre of Imatrankoski. 

Those driving their own cars also need to take the closing of the circuit into account and choose another route during the races.

Imatranajo rapids show

On Saturday 15 June, traffic will be closed on the bridges of Imatrankoski between 19.45 and 20.30 due to the rapids show. 
Because of the interruption, the Line 3 departure at 19.35 from Imatrankoski to Jakola will not operate. The departure from Jakola to Imatrankoski at 19.50 will also not operate.
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