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Imatra is reducing carbon dioxide emissions

The city is aiming to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The City of Imatra is committing more strongly to goals aiming for carbon neutrality. The city is joining the Carbon Neutral Municipalities (Hinku) network of the Finnish Environment Institute. The goal is to develop the municipalities’ actions in combating climate change.

The Hinku municipalities already include Lappeenranta, Parikkala, Rautjärvi and Ruokolahti. With Imatra joining, South Karelia can now receive the status of a Hinku region. Receiving the status requires that 80 per cent of the region’s residents live in Hinku municipalities.

– We are aiming to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Imatra wants to participate in taking responsibility for the environment and preserving it for future generations, says Anna-Maija Wikström, acting director of environment protection.

 Sights on 2030

The City of Imatra is preparing an action plan that would allow the city to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.

– This means that the city considers sustainable development in all its operations. The work is done at a grassroots level and with large policies,’ promises vice mayor Kaisa Heino.

From the perspective of the carbon neutrality objective, the city needs to evaluate, among other things, new ways of implementing public transportation and other traffic in the city, construction, heating and e.g. the implementation of a new wastewater treatment plant.

The City of Imatra has done goal-oriented climate work since 2007. Greenhouse emissions have been reduced by almost one third since then.

Work to update the climate programme has now been started, and the programme is intended to be approved within 2019.

Joining the Hinku network will be discussed in the urban development committee next week. The matter will also later be discussed in the environmental committee for the Imatra region.

Joining the Hinku network does not cost the city anything.
Read the urban development committee’s draft decision (in Finnish).
Further information:

Anna-Maija Wikström, Acting Director of Environment Protection,, tel. +358 20 617 4320