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Sivuvaunupyörä pääsuoralla
Photo gallery
Imatranajo 2019 is remembered for an accident requiring a Swiss driver. But there were plenty of moments of joy at the weekend.
Slightly blue-green on the shores of Rasila and Ukonlinna.
It is time for the Old Geezer Carting World Championships again after a break of almost ten years!
This fun and team-spirited dragonboat event will be held in Vuoksi Fishing Park on Varpasaari bay Sunday 7 July from 9 am to 3 pm.
The matter is being investigated.
Imatra strongman
The best tips for a summer in Imatra.
Imatranajon harjoitukset 2019
The race was decided to continue.
A driver, who crashed in IRRC-race, Imatranajo, has died due to his injuries, says Imatra Motor Club.
Ajajia Lehmuskujalla
55 photos from 55th Imatranajo
The weather was nice in the practice.
Imatran paikallisliikenteen linja-auto
Imatranajo 2019
During Imatranajo from 14 to 16 June 2019, the local traffic includes non-stop buses and extra departures as well as special routes for both buses and other traffic.
The city is aiming to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
The Imatranajo organisation of the event is in full swing.
Imatranajo Lehmuskujalla
Watch a video compilation of Imatranajo 2018.
Imatranajon oheistapahtumat
See a list of the side events
Imatranajo offers a comprehensive experience. This is an event for everyone to enjoy.
Пороги Иматра и гостиница замок
Read why Imatra is a national wonder
Imatra declared itself a national wonder of Finland in July 2018
Special interest of the visitors targeted on client relations covering such as consumer substations.
Kaisa Heino, Stefan Mynttinen, Aleksei Vorontsov, Svetlana Vorontsova, Andrei Tsinovski  and Matti Viialainen in Imatra town hall
According to a survey, different factors support development of International railway connection at Imatra - Svetogorsk.
Pelaajia Tainionkosken kaukalossa
Smelting ice and sleets have spoiled skating conditions in outdoor skate parks
Sinisellä valaistu koski
The turn of the year will be celebrated with a fireworks show on New Year’s Eve
Mrs Kaisa Heino started as a vice mayor.
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