Opetusta annetaan etänä 13.4. asti.
Opetusta annetaan etänä 13.4. asti.

Government: Schools will be closed from Wednesday, with restrictions in exceptional circumstances

Imatra still strongly recommends that students choose distance learning as early as Tuesday.

On Monday, the country's government outlined emergency preparedness restrictions. These will be dealt with on Tuesday.

This means that schools will be closed from Wednesday 18.3. in order to avoid spreading the corona virus. The schools are currently closed until 13.4.

Classes are offered only to pre-primary and Grade 1-3 students whose parents are working in areas critical to society. In addition, there is an exception for contact education for pupils with special needs who need it. It´s recommended that this is done by parents and caretakers who can provide childcare at home.

The matriculation exams will be handled as previously agreed.

On Tuesday, the schools are still open, but the town's strong recommendation is that on Tuesday, the schoolchildren go to distance education. When a child or young person, who was still at school on Monday stays home on Tuesday, caregivers should make a Wilma message about it. In Imatra, the city recommended distance learning as early as Monday, which resulted in less than 10 percent of pupils in schools on Monday.

Schools will update their own guidelines on Tuesday, and carers will be informed more about Wilma on Tuesday.

Concerning early childhood education, the government said that kindergartens would be open.

Recommendation: Early childhood home

So early childhood education works normally, but in Imatra staying at home is recommended. The child's home stay should be reported to either the child's own group / caregiver or kindergarten manager, preferably via Wilma message.

The city also recommends that carers of pre-school children consider bringing their children home as much as possible. In this case, the caretakers should inform the preschool group about the absence by Wilma message.

Also libraries closed

Libraries will also be closed on Wednesday, in accordance with the country's Government Exceptional Regulations. Like libraries, the theater. sports facilities, youth services and Virta Adult education centre will remain closed until 13.4. 

– Books are a good entertainment, but we hope there will be no borrower queue at the library on Tuesday, which will increase the risk of infection, says post of deputy Mayor Kaisa Heino.

The city actively communicates on its website (imatra.fi) throughout the exceptional circumstances.

Detailed guidance on city services will be released on Tuesday.


For more information:

Post of deputy Mayor Kaisa Heino, tel. 020 6172206, kaisa.heino@imatra.fi

Schools: Minna Rovio, Head of Educational Services, tel. +358 20617 3404, minna.rovio@imatra.fi

Early Childhood Education: Minna Leinonen, Head of Early Childhood Education Services, minna.leinonen@imatra.fi, tel. +358 20 617 3515